ECPA1010th European Conference on Psychological Assessment
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More than 18 years now the European Association of Psychological Assessment offers an academic platform to discuss about the challenges of and the new insights in the field of psychological assessment, and to improve its quality.

Psychological assessment plays a key role in psychology and its many applications. The process of constructing assessment instruments is a scientific enterprise that works with and contributes to the discovery of scientifically based psychological insights. Moreover, psychological assessment is essential for the application of psychology. It is only after adequate assessment that psychologists can give well-founded advise or start well-founded intervention.

The field of psychological assessment can be best described by unity in diversity. On the one hand, it is a very diverse field because of the wide variety of forms of behavioral and mental functioning and of the wide variety of contexts in which psychology is applied. On the other hand, the field is characterized by a set of shared theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches that are used to construct instruments, to integrate information, and to justify interpretations.

Scholars and academically interested practitioners from all branches of the diverse field psychological assessment are invited to participate at the 10th biennial European Conference of Psychological Assessment in order to share new insights and debate about the challenges of the field. For its 10th anniversary, special attention will be devoted to the assessment of emotions and emotional competences from the perspective of emotion psychology, one of the fastest growing fields in psychology.

Prof. Dr. Johnny Fontaine

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